Product owner

Office/Remote, Belgrade
As a Product Owner, you will implement a data-driven approach through deeds, not words. Your mission is to lead the product and make sure that the product develops and contributes to the goal of the entire company. The working processes of your team should aim at increasing ROAS by two times.


Our big and ambitious goals require the best talents. You’ll be brought into the fold of professionals with breadth and depth skills. Together, we’ll brainstorm nonstop, inspire each other, research, and resolve challenges. Top telecommunications, fintech, and IT specialists work with us (Google, Bolt, Tele2, and others). So we need you too.

Our team

  • Lead a cross-functional product development team

  • Increase product awareness (product evangelism)

  • Improve the product through the iterative approach based on analytics and insights

  • Hold qualitative and quantitative research on the client base

  • Conduct UX tests in collaboration with a product designer and UX test specialist

  • Organize A/B tests and analyze the results

  • Involve your team in the problem-solving cases

  • Help your team understand the goals and problems of the clients

Your future

  • Willingness to take responsibility for providing the product with quality data and defining a roadmap for further improving data quality

  • Ability to implement an iterative approach to product improvement

  • Background in conducting AB tests and analyzing results

  • Proficiency in monitoring the product performance for post-launch assessment

  • Experience in running a competitive analysis

  • Skills to reveal the target audience

  • Ability to determine the development strategy

  • Understanding of Agile processes and experience in applying them

  • Awareness of the basic marketing metrics of the product

  • Technical competencies to control the product architecture

  • Strategic and critical thinker with a data-driven mindset

We expect from you

We offer

A chance to work alongside the most qualified professionals in their fields. It includes opportunities for networking, knowledge-sharing, and taking training courses at the company's expense.
The development of expertise
We are free from exhausting bureaucratic processes and a huge number of approvals. A comfortable workflow lets you make a great impact on the development and alignment of global operations.
An ability to influence the end product
Friendly atmosphere in a multicultural office and active corporate life. Also, you can enjoy a hybrid schedule – work either from the office or remotely. The start of the working day is flexible (from 8 to 11 am).
Comfortable conditions
An opportunity to relocate to Serbia after the end of a probation period. Our assistance includes transportation, rental housing, relocation bonuses, and residency registration processes.
Relocation opportunities
Competitive salary and an advanced C&B system (medicine, sports,additional compensation payment during sick leave, etc.)
Recreation areas, scooters, massage chairs, PS4, and a kicker are always at your disposal. Besides, you can always find free coffee, tea, fruits, and sweets in our kitchen.
A well-arranged office

How to apply

Cover Letter
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